Medellin, an attractive city not only for its commercial and industrial activity, but also for its lively culture and nightlife. Medellin has its unique set of places and treasures to captivate the traveler. Surrounded by mountains, visitors can enjoy breathtaking scenery and views all over the city.


Medellin has been characterized as a territory of working, optimistic and persistent people. Currently emerging from a difficult past, the city has strengthened itself as a safe and interesting destination. The Flower Fair with the silleteros parade, the quality of its textiles and fashion designers and a delightful weather, transform Medellin into an attractive destination.

  • Visit Plaza Botero, a public space, home to 23 of the artist’s large bronze sculptures. Our guides will tell you more about the art of Fernando Botero, as you visit the Antioquia Museum.
  • Recently renewed, the Botanic Garden, is a place to learn and relax in the middle of the city. Know its history and enjoy the orchids collection, Colombia’s national flower.
  • Get a little deeper riding the subway to the Metrocable station while our guide tells you more about the social transformation of the city.


Experience Facts

  • Best Season: All year round
  • Trip length: 1 to 3 days
  • Level of difficulty: Low
  • Begins in: Medellin
  • Ends in: Medellin