Colombia Activa is constituted by a team of travel experts who design and coordinate customized tours in Colombia. Our goal is for our customers to experience Colombia in an unconventional way. Each trip is carefully designed and individually customized without leaving out spontaneity. In Colombia Activa we plan each trip as an adventure to be enjoyed to the fullest. We deal with the management of every logistical details. Our staff has traveled every place we offer our customers, that is why we can design a travel plan, where the hotel is adequate, the activities are of interest to the customer and we make sure they are always accompanied by local, passionate and captivating guides. We know how to make your visit to Colombia an unique and different experience.

Diego Ruiz

I was born in Cali, in the south of Colombia. I studied and lived in the US (Arkansas state university and UFM in Memphis) and in the Netherlands. I worked in Bogota as a photographer and owned a restaurant in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am proud and happy to be back in Colombia to show my wonderful country to anyone who wants to discover it.

Olivier Dufeu

Originally from France, I wanted to discover South America living there for 1 year … and it was 8 years ago! I fell in love with this continent and I just can’t leave it. I traveled in Patagonia from north to south, reached unexplored areas of the altiplano at more than 13.000 feet and discovered lost villages in the middle of the Andes in Peru or Colombia. After great professional experiences in the luxury hotel industry (Relais & Châteaux) and in a travel agency in Buenos Aires, I now want to share my new land of adoption: Colombia. My passions outside of travel: play tango on my violin, hiking and have great food.

Victoria Suarez

I was born in Cali, Colombia. I have lived in the United States and Argentina, which has led me to appreciate other cultures. I am a graphic designer and I accepted the challenge of taking charge of the management of the office in Bogotá. It has been a very enriching experience. I like traveling, art, design and illustration.

Milena Rojas

I was born in the municipality of Fúquene, in Cundinamarca, Colombia. I am a Public Accountant and I came to Colombia Activa to hold the position of Accounting Analyst. These past years have been a great learning path, in which I have been able to practice and expand my professional knowledge. I have been fortunate to meet great people, like my colleagues, with whom we form an excellent team.

Adriana Duque

Born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. Tourism Administrator with 20 years of experience in travel agencies. For the past four years, I have been focused on selling our wonderful country. Dynamic, well traveled and extroverted. I like to live every day intensely. I love sports, dancing, singing, eating out and reading. I can not live a monotonous life!

Farid Ghouada

I am French, with a commercial profile. Having lived in Australia for three years and having visited the five continents, I decided to travel to South America. Initially I made plans for four months. Five years later I am still living in South America, and Colombia is the country that welcomes me now. I like to share my experience, and show this beautiful country to everyone who is willing to travel here. Aside from my passion for tourism I am a teacher of Aikido, a Japanese martial art, and a guitarist.

Ana Maria Rodriguez

I am a publicist and a marketer, but life has made me part of the magical world of tourism. I love my country and I am proud to show the world how beautiful Colombia is. I love photography, reading and cinema. I am passionate about traveling, getting to know and experiencing new places and cultures.

Stefany Alvarez

I am a Colombian with a free spirit. I like to be impressed by the beauty of the places I visit and the people I get to know along the way. I am lucky to be able to enjoy what I do, my biggest motivation is the gratitud I receive from our customers. Tourism, adventure and travel are my passion.

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