Cartagena & The Caribbean

Take a walk through the historic center of Cartagena, known as the Walled City and enjoy its colonial architecture, its history, its people and its climate. Visit the white sand beaches in the southern part of the city or at the Rosario Islands located in the archipelagos near Cartagena. Let us guide you to discover some secrets of this magical region.

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Magical charm of Cartagena

Highlights of a historical city
The magic of Cartagena is hidden inside the walled city in its colonial architecture, its streets filled with history and the warmth of its people. Let us reveal you their secrets so you can fall in love with this ancient city. Read More »

Discover the Rosario Islands

Island hopping on a private yatch
The Islands of Rosario are a coral reef comprising 27 islands, located about one hour by boat from Cartagena. Its natural landscapes, crystal clear water and coral reefs, home to diverse flora and fauna, are the main attraction. Read More »