A day out in the Sabanna

Outdoors near Bogota
The sabanna of Bogota is the largest plateau of the Colombian Andes. It has a system of natural lakes and it is surrounded by mountains. Just 20 minutes from the capital, the savanna of Bogota offers a range of entertainment, is one of the most common destinies for the citizens during the weekend. Read More »

Discover Bogota

Highlights of a cosmopolitan and singular city
A friendly city with a rich and varied cultural life; a wide and interesting gastronomic market and a nightlife that offers domestic and foreign visitors, different options and styles. Bogotá is as diverse as the entire country. People from all corners of Colombia, work, live and fill with hues and colors every corner of this cosmopolitan city; offering visitors a sample of each region. Read More »

Street Food in Bogota

Explore its markets and find its best coffee shops
Walk among fruits and vegetables. Taste the flavors and colors. Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. All of this, while walking the streets of Bogota experiencing the city like thousands of people daily do it. Read More »

The Glaciers National Park

Custom and private
07-04- glaciares escondidos Luis Franke (5)
El Calafate and Chalten (Southern Patagonia) are the entrance cities to our Glaciers National Park. This area is spectacular, rugged in terms of landscapes and climate, remote and surrounded by pristine and unspoilt Patagonian scenery. Read More »

Explore the driest desert in the world

Atacama Desert
atacama desert